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C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. [Feb. 20th, 2005|10:27 pm]
[mood |all smiles biatches]
[music |BAD BRAINS - Unidentified]

JEFF GORDON won the Daytona 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won my first Xbox live league race at Daytona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is pretty god damn good now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the shizzzzzzzzzzznittte!!!

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Sawblades Around a Serial Killer = A Whole Mess of Fun [Feb. 19th, 2005|04:01 pm]
[mood |:-)]
[music |BAD BRAINS - God Of Love]

February vacation is now in affect.

Daytona 500 tomorrow.

Working in the mornings this week.

......Life is good at the moment! :-)

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The Ballad of the Buckethead [Feb. 14th, 2005|02:53 pm]
[mood |cool beans]
[music |PRIMUS - Shake Hands With Beef]

Hey all!

Well there are some things to update about so he i go:

This weekend was basically the start of the Nascar season as the Bud Shootout took place on saturday night and had Jeff Gordon come in third and his teammate Jimmie Johnson winning so that was pretty good. Then yesterday was qualifying for the Daytona 500 and againg Gordon posted third in speed.

Yesterday i was up in Derry NH working on the race car again and eating Papa Gino's pizza which was good. We are getting there and we just gotta finish up the firewall and then we can permanently start putting the panels and fenders on and paint it. I love working on that car its so much fun.

Today was actually prolly one of the most joyful valentine's days i have ever had. I got a big chocolate 24(Jeff Gordon) heart from a freshman girl (Erika Tighe). Shes a big Nascar fan and b/c of that i think thats why we've become good friends so quickly. After she gave me the heart i felt bad i didnt get her anything for Valentines but how was i supposed to know? Then she asked me to the frolic and i said yes, so i am goin to that now which is weird b/c i never went when i was a freshman and sophomore. So that was really cool....... Still waiting on whats gona happen for the prom.

And thats pretty much what is happening so............
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O God I am Taking Stuff from Other LJs [Feb. 7th, 2005|10:54 pm]
[mood |iffy]
[music |MONSTROSITY - Destroying Divinity]

If you read this,
even if I don't speak to you often,
you must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want,
it can be good or bad,
just so long as it happened.
Then post this to your journal.
See what people remember about you...
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Flying In A Blue Dream [Feb. 3rd, 2005|03:33 pm]
[mood |not too bad, its goin ok :-)]
[music |JOE SATRIANI - I Believe]

hey i didnt know we had a half day next wednesday did anybody else? Wow thats awesome, this has to be a record for the amount of weeks we've had where we've failed to have a complete week where there are no half days or days off. This is awesome!!!

I realized today that my car is black, i mean how could i tell its been covered in salt and sand way too friggin long jeez. Its about time we get some rain-ish weather to get all that crap off our cars, that i think depresses me the most about the winter, seeing all these cars be covered in a white coating of crap.

I think i ll put a bet out for the Super Bowl: i ll put down 10 bucks that Rodney Harrison leaves Freddy Mitchell in a bloody mess by the end of the game. That guy needs to shut his mouth, he's just giving the Patriots and the New England fans just more and more fuel to beat their asses into the dirt.

Hey the Daytona 500 is only 17 days away! Wow no one else cares but you know what i do and thats why i am putting it down on this thing.

This will do for now, i bet there were riots b/c i didnt update in a few days. Mhmmmmmm yeah not even in my dreams lol

Its a heat wave! 40s weather all weekend long!

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Vlad The Impaler [Jan. 31st, 2005|06:32 pm]
[mood |its going a-ok i guess]
[music |CRYPTOPSY - Open Face Surgery]

Hey i dont know what i have for classes for the second semester so i have no idea if its gonna suck or be good.................oooooo a surprise awaits pffffffffffffffffff.

Februrary vacation cannot come fast enough, i like the fact that the time between xmas and Feb. vacation we've failed to have a full week several times. Thank you death cold weather!

Who wouldve thought that 32 degrees would be so warm? Ive prolly said this already but the idea of it is amazing..........................or not, i dunno its your call on that deal.

No updates, except i worked on the race car last saturday, the Cutlass is alive and well, and the super bowl is on sunday. To be honest i am much more focused on the Daytona 500.

20 days away dudes and gals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Title Entered In this Space Only (that means not in the entry box below you moron!) [Jan. 27th, 2005|08:17 pm]
[mood |joyous? or not]
[music |BAD BRAINS - Big Take Over]

Got Accepted to UNC Charlotte biatches.

This is the Shizzznite!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats it.

Stop Reading its over.

Your wasting your time.


See you all around!
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The Long Adventureous Journey to the all Hailed Salvation Army [Jan. 23rd, 2005|05:14 pm]
[mood |all smiles see -> :-)]
[music |POLARIS - She Is Staggering]

SNOW DAY TOMORRROW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont have to make it up either......so good after an absolute shitty day yesterday.

Now its time to do a victory jig!!!!!!

Dah Dah Da Da Dah Dah


Anybody want to do anything tomorrow call my cell or IM me or Email me or come to my house and say hey eric and i ll say hey (whoever) and u ll be like wanna do something? and i ll be like absolutely and then we ll go to my car and drive somewhere or maybe u just want to hang here and watch movies or something i dunno w/e u have in mind.

That went on way too long, im just happy thats all.

See you all on the flipside or on the same side whatever.
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The Adventures of Jimmy the Gunmaker and Billy the Optimist [Jan. 21st, 2005|06:26 pm]
[mood |not bad u?]
[music |POLARIS - Hey Sandy]

Hey everyone.

Big weekend in that the Patriots will be playing the steelers, they just better win thats all.

I got to take the SAT 2's tomorrow at Andover High School, thatll be alot of fun, pffffffffffffff.

30 Days til the Daytona 500! I cant wait.

Is it me or are the long blocks during the school days getting longer and longer and longer? I cant even believe how long they are sometimes, all my energy gets drained out of those blocks. Its crazy.

Hoping to work on the race car with my team tomorrow but i am not sure if i am goin to be able to b/c of this crazy weather we are supposed to get? Man i dont kno what is gona happen with that i mean these so called "meteorologists" cant get anything right lately.

Eh i wouldnt be so hard on them, its just that its their job to predict the weather CORRECTLY.

Well thats the update.............midterms next week. Wahhooo pfffff.
I am pissed off that they are putting the damn mid term grades on the report cards, i guess they really want us to get in trouble.

W/e it ll all work itself out :-) or i dunno but i will depart from this entry and wish a good weekend to all.
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Tommy The Cat [Jan. 15th, 2005|09:23 pm]
[mood |pretty good]
[music |PRIMUS - Frizzle Fry]

A few things today:

I got accepted to Western New England College, in which i visited a few weeks ago and was very happy with it. So yay!

Finally, FINALLY i got to go up to Derry, NH to work on my new team's race car and we are in the process of putting it all back together again. This teams is the balls b/c theres only 3 of us and i get to do alot of stuff to the car. Im gona go back next week too. Which is also kick ass is that i get to design what the car is goin to look like and they dont care what it looks like. Yeah! This is goin to be a fun year!

And now i am here just warming up and doing stuff around the house including this deally. So i will catch everyone later!
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