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Nothing Left to Destroy [Mar. 27th, 2005|06:20 pm]
[mood |Hmmmmmmm]
[music |SMASHING PUMPKINS - Drown]

Wow my life has had an area of nothingness in the past week, in terms of the unordinary or non routine.

Simple things like doing nothing on yet another half day, working hard on our race car yesterday in which the season starts in 2 weeks, ate delicious waffles at my grandparents' house this morning and then tweaking with my car today in the afternoon.

Thats basically all that has happened in these recent days.

Also the drivers out on the streets suck as usual, i tell ya that pisses me off so bad as that ppl cannot drive correctly, this officially proves that alot of ppl are so god damn stupid. How hard is it to use a directional really? Or just easing on the brake instead of clomping on it at the last second. When you do deliveries for Napa on a Saturday you come across ALOT of morons on the street.

But other than that all smiles :-) <- see ahahahahahhahahaha....cough