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Reversal of Some God Damn Fortune [Feb. 28th, 2005|03:06 pm]
[mood |none of your business :-P]
[music |NIRVANA - Drain You]

Hey last weekend was great, not this recent one however.

Gordon finished 30th in the race today after being in the top 5-10 all day long and then a cylinder in the engine blew out with 12 friggin laps to go, 12 wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i mightve screwed up a friendship with someone during the week which sucks, i seem to find ways to do that but you know what i aint getting wussy and just whine about it like other ppl so i wont worry about it too much. If its screwed up then thats the way it is, if its not...thats very good.

Ive just had it with this weather, i really cant take any more of this white crap b/c its so damn depressing. I really hope we get rain tonight rather than the rather large amount of snow we might get. This is certainly more motivation to goin to North Carolina for college if i like the college.

Two good things i got out of the weekend were me again winning my Nascar 2005 online league race and hanging with Keith and George from the team i am on, at a fundraiser and just messing around and talking and stuff and we got to work on the car before, i won a Jeff Gordon t-shirt in a raffle so that was cool beans.

Thats it.....sorta sucky...........sorta nice.......get a sample from both worlds.